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Soal Astro 4

Soal ini diambil dari McGraw Hill

Waktu Pengerjaan : 10000 detik


1. As the seasons progress, the constellation appear to gradually turn counter clockwise around the north celestial pole from night to night because
a. Bootes and Canes Venatici chase Ursa Mayor around Polaris
b. the sidereal day is slightly shorter than the solar day
c.Earth rotates on its axis
d. the galaxy spirals around its center

2. Id you live in the northern hemisphere, the elevation of Polaris above the horizon, in degrees, is about the same as
a. your latitude
b. 90 degrees minus your latitude
c.the elevation of the Sun in the sky at noon
d. nothing in particular; its elevation changes as the seasons pass

3. Tau Ceti is considered a special star because
a. it revolves around Polaris in a perfect circle
b. it is insidde our solar system is in a constellation all by itself
d. some astronomers think that it might have a solar system like ours

4. Earth slowly wobbles on its axis, causing the constellation to
a. change shape slightly from year to year
b. gradually converge on Polaris
c.shift position in the sky slightly from century to century
d. follow the plane of the ecliptic

5. People in the time of julius Caesar saw constellation whose individuals shapes were
a. the same as they are now
b. somewhat different than they are now
c.almost nothing like they are now
d. nothing at all like they are now

6. The constellation Andromeda is well known because it contains
a. the brightest star in the whole sky
b. all the planets at one time or another
c. the north celestial pole
d. a spectacular spiral galaxy

7. Orion is a landmark constellation in the northen hemisphere
a. all year round
b. during the winter
c. only north of about 45 degrees latitude
d. because it contains the brightest two stars in the sky

8. Coma berenices is sometimes mistaken for
a. the sword Orion
b. Ursa Major
c. the Andromeda galaxy
d.the Pleiades

9. The pole star, Polaris, is part of
a. Canis Major
b. Pegasus
c. Ursa Minor
d. no constellation; it stands by itself

10. The stars Vega, Altair, and Denem dominate the sky
a. in the circumpolar region
b. during the northern hemisphere summer
c. during spring, summer, and fall, respectively
d. No! These are not stars but constellations


1. How would the gravitational force between two bodies change if the product of their masses increased by a factor of four?

2. How would the gravitational force between two bodies change if the distance between them increased by a factor of two?

3. How  would the gravitational force between two bodies change if their masses increase by a factor of four and the distance between them increased by a factor of two?

4. What is the mass of the Sun? Orbital period of the Earth is 1 year and orbital radius of the Earth is 1 AU.

5. How fast would a spacecraft in solar orbuit have to be moving at the distance of Neptune to leave the solar system? Distance between Neptune and Sun is 4.5 x 10^12 m.

6. The moon orbits the Earth once every 27.3 days (on average). How far away is the Moon from the Earth? Mass of the Earth is 6 x 10^24 kg.

7. What happens to the orbital period of a binary star system (a pair of stars orbiting each other) when the distance between two stars doubles?

8. The averge speed of atoms in a gas is 5km/s. How fast will they move if the temperature increase by a factor of four?

9. What is the average speed of nitrogen molecules (m = 4.7 x 10^-26 kg) at 75 Fahrenheit?

10. If the temperature of a gas increase by a factor of two, what happens to the pressure (assume the volume stays the same)?


1. Apakah arti dari nama asteroid 2012DA14 ? Apa syarat agar asteroid tersebut mempunyai nama populer?

2. Sebutkan semua Dwarf Planet yang diakui oleh IAU!

NB : Jangan buka buku yaa, ditunggu emailnya 😀


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